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Military Transgender Ban Marching Right Along

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Elections have consequences, Democrats. If you wanted to have things your way in 2017, you shouldn’t have nominated the woman whose husband once told the military’s LGBT community to shut up.

Jonah Bennett reports:

A White House memo banning transgenders from joining the military is set to be sent to the Pentagon in the next few days.

The memo, first reported by The Wall Street Journal, also instructs the Pentagon not to pay for medical treatments related to gender transition and grants Secretary of Defense James Mattis the authority to assess whether any current transgenders in the military are capable of deployment. If not, Mattis could remove them from the service…

Well, the military is there to do a job, and that job is not to make anybody feel better about themselves. You have the right as an American to call yourself whatever you want, but nobody else is obliged to coddle you.

The American Military Partner Association, which you may or may not have ever heard of before today, is ticked off:

“Despite the overwhelming bipartisan condemnation of his reckless tweets, President Trump is still pushing forward with his vicious assault on transgender service members,” said AMPA President Ashley Broadway-Mack in a statement.

That’s right: his reckless tweets. These folks insist they’re tough and capable enough to be deployed in combat, but they can’t handle some tweets that hurt their feelings? If that’s a “vicious assault,” how are they going to react in the face of the enemy? Do they think ISIS will back down if they shoot out enough histrionic press releases?

The United States military is a fighting force, not a social program. It doesn’t owe you anything beyond the freedom and security it preserves every single day.

Sorry, Klinger.