This Pistachio Bowl May Be The Greatest Thing Ever Invented

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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce

Not two days ago I was enjoying some pistachios as I watched one of my favorite shows on TV. As soon as I cracked my first nut, I knew I had a problem – I had to go to the cupboard and get another bowl to put the discarded shells in. I don’t know about you, but I like to save on my water and electricity bills, so I try not to dirty a dish when I don’t have to. With pistachios, unfortunately, it seems like you have to.

No longer! This nifty invention is a bowl made to enjoy pistachios – it has its own shell storage depository underneath. (This also makes it ideal for other foods with seeds or pits, such as olives and cherries). And right now it is over half off.

Normally $33, this pistachio bowl is 58 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $33, this pistachio bowl is 58 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Wowly Pistachio Bowl on sale for $13.97

This bowl comes in three different colors: green, yellow and red. The customers who’ve bought this product LOVE it. (And what’s not to love?) Eight-eight percent of reviewers gave it a perfect 5 out of 5 stars. Here’s what Mommabear wrote in her 5-star review, titled “Love this item“:

Love this item! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while and almost went with a woven basket (actually looks like two baskets tied together); but that looked kind of messy with peanut shells/skins getting caught in the basketweave. Also, they were a little pricey. This Double Dish Nut Bowl is perfect! Just the right size for one or two people. I filled up the bowl with pistachios and got settled down to watch some tv. Before I knew it, hubby was helping himself and had no trouble figuring out his shells went on the opening on his side of the bowl. The top bowl held plenty of nuts for the both if us to share.

I bought the red bowl and it’s a nice bright red with a white interior. I especially like that it’s made of melamine which is very durable. It’s also great for other things besides nuts. I put individually wrapped hard candies in the top bowl on my desk at work and people used the side slots for the empty wrappers. Very neat and convenient! Everybody wanted to know where I got it. Guess I’ll have to order another one so I have one at home and one for work. Would definitely recommend purchase to others.

I am so in.

Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

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