Trump Retweets Meme Of Him Eclipsing Obama

Ralph Freso/Getty Images.

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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President Donald Trump began his Thursday morning by retweeting a meme of him eclipsing former president Barack Obama.

The meme is four frames long and shows a smiling Donald Trump slowly covering up the face of Obama, who is pictured in black and white instead of color.

The caption on the meme reads, “The best eclipse ever!”

People around the country flocked to viewing zones on Monday for the first total solar eclipse on the US mainland in almost 100 years. Trump and his family viewed the eclipse, which reached 80 percent totality in DC, from the White House.

Despite warnings against doing so, Trump looked directly at the eclipse without glasses several times. People on Twitter and anchors on television mocked the president for looking straight into the sun, but retweeting the meme of him eclipsing Obama may have given him the last laugh.

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