Last-Minute Bets Taken For Mayweather, McGregor Showdown

(REUTERS/Las Vegas Sun/Steve Marcus)

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The highly anticipated fight with Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor is only one more day away and last minute bets are being taken on the fighters.

McGregor had more bets on his side, but when it comes to money, Mayweather wins by a mile. On Thursday, the MGM in Las Vegas took some big bets on Mayweather. According to ESPN, the bet was for $1 million with Mayweather’s odds being -550 to win. The outcome would be $182,000 if Mayweather wins. This bet was taken from a VIP guest at the casino.

The other bet was for $1.2 million with Mayweather’s odds being -500 to win the fight and the winnings coming out to $240,000 with a customer paying in cash.

These two bets are the largest made for the fight so far, according to CBS Sports. “The price is skyrocketing right now,” Jay Rood vice president of the MGM told ESPN.

Mayweather has also said this could be his last fight, which makes things that much more interesting. The showdown takes place tomorrow night on Showtime PPV.