Los Angeles Fines Riders For ‘Manspreading’

Ian Miles Cheong Contributor
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Los Angeles Metro is the latest public transit system to issue fines for the crime of “manspreading,” among other offenses.

Riders who spread their legs a little too much or vape on the subway will be fined a cool $75.

The fine will also apply to passengers who insist on being rude to other passengers, or fail to follow a code of conduct being instituted called “metro manners.”

Other finable offenses include chewing gum on the subway to playing loud music. Those who block automatic doors without reason will also be hit with the fine. According to the Daily Wire report published Friday, eating, drinking, and smoking on the subway are already prohibited offenses on the Los Angeles Metro, but they’re adding vaping to the list, so you’ll have to get your nicotine fix after you get off the train.

According to CBS LA, more than 3,000 people have been fined for these infractions since the start of the “metro manners” campaign in March. Over 2,000 were ejected for similar offenses.

“Manspreading” is a common complaint from female riders who refer to when men sit on a seat with their knees wide apart, often spilling into the adjacent seat and discomforting those seated next to them.

Other cities including New York, Boston, and Chicago have campaigns to stop men from “manspreading,” following complaints from feminists who allege that the behavior originates from “toxic masculinity” that “entitles” men to take more space than they deserve.

The issue entered the public limelight after BuzzFeed conducted a “social experiment” to see what it was like to manspread on trains. It was roundly mocked.

These cities have limited their campaigns to billboard advertisements, making Los Angeles the first city to actually fine men for doing it. Riders who commit these infractions are fined $75 for their first offense—a number that goes up subsequent times. After three, four, or five offenses, they may have their transit cards temporarily suspended for up to 3 months.

As the Daily Wire notes, it is possible to buy temporary passes to board the metro, so it’s unknown how they plan to enforce the ban.

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