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Morning Mirror: Roger Stone Disembowels GotNews’ Chuck C. Johnson

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Shocker! WH back to playing games and refusing to call on CNN at WH briefing.”

— CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta.








Travel Bitches

“If airports are going to play CNN exclusively, please provide the barf bags in the terminal area. Thanks.” — Tomi Lahren, ex-TV host for TheBlaze.

Roger Stone spectacularly unloads on GotNews‘ EIC Charles C. Johnson 

“Did I fail to mention that Charles Johnson is  a delusional misfit, spastic and mentally unbalanced, truly a rainman like figure devoid of the most basic social skills. ‘Grandpa’ just  helped elect a President. Deranged misfit Charles Johnson , who babbles endlessly about how much money he has and how many homes he owns and how many billionaire donors he has — most likely has none of the three — couldn’t find his ass with both hands. He once reported that Rupert Murdoch had actually purchased Monica Lewinsky’s soiled blue dress to prevent it from being used a conman. Habitual liar and paranoid Johnson is an odious waste of human flesh.”

President Trump whisperer Roger Stone in a personal note to The Mirror after I reported that he called Johnson a “dipshit whose lies hurt the movement.” To which Johnson replied, “Time to take the keys from Grandpa.”

Tom Brokaw replies to Trump’s latest bashing of the media

“I’ve been a journalist 50 yrs. Never met one who didn’t love USA. Many risk their lives reporting on US values. Cheap shot.” — Newsman Tom Brokaw.

A wish for the White House Press Secretary

“I hope Sarah Huckabee comes back to the podium from vacation with a sassy attitude and perm.” — Roland Scahill, a former theater agent in the big apple.

Trump hater wanted to win Powerball to do this

“If I win the Powerball, I will hunt down the Trump piss tape, I will buy it and I will make a free copy for every American who wants one.” — Andy Lassner, executive producer, “The Ellen Show.”

A ‘timely’ anecdote from a freelancer 

“When you pitch a story w/ ‘TIMELY’ in the subject & the editor rejects within 15 minutes & you’re like, ‘THANK YOU for responding quickly!'” — Britni de la Cretaz, freelancer, Rolling Stone, Vogue, WaPo. 

BuzzFeed ignorant about Fred Durst 

“This just in: there are MULTIPLE people in the buzzfeed newsroom who don’t know who Fred Durst is.” — David Mack, BuzzFeed.

Sam Nunberg weighs in on Trump’s Phoenix speech 

“He got where he is acting the way he is and it is a formula that works for him. Last night he was a candidate. He was elected under strange circumstances. He doesn’t unfortunately take criticism well. Sometimes he just can’t get over things. I have that problem too.” — Sam Nunberg, twice fired aide to Trump, on MSNBC’s “MTP Daily” this week.

Fill-in host Katy Tur replied, “Respectfully, you’re not the President.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper assures Meghan McCain that the world isn’t evil 

Dave Catanese: “This Trump supporter is shouting at protestors: ‘McCain needs to die now!'”

Meghan McCain: “I wouldn’t wish seeing this about your own father on my worst enemy. May God help these people who inflict such cruelty in the world.”

Jake Tapper: “Meghan, every decent person is rooting for your father and your family. Please ignore the haters. — Tapper.”

Meghan McCain: “Thank you Jake. 99% of the time I can’t. Every once in a while I still react.”

Jake Tapper: “I get it — the lack of humanity is astounding. But there are so many more of us feeling the exact opposite for the McCains.”

Actress Rena Sofer (Melrose Place, General Hospital): “I do not agree with your fathers politics at all but I wish him well and a speedy recovery and I loved his latest vote. GOD BLESS HIM.”


Politico‘s Blake Hounshell: We’ve gone from Mexico’s gonna pay for the wall to I’m going to shut down the government if Congress doesn’t pay for it.

Guardian‘s Ben Jacobs: To be fair, he never said which country’s government he’d shut down.

ESPN pundit arrested for being defiantly drunk and naked 

“ESPN pundit Ryen Russillo was arrested in Wyoming for allegedly entering somebody’s condo while drunk and naked, and refusing to leave.” — David Hookstead, The Smoke Room editor, The Daily Caller.

Trump surrogate Scott Baio blocks Alyssa Milano

Join the club Alyssa!

Fun times online…

“And now I’ve been blocked by the account that parodies me.” — Peter Flax, features editor, The Hollywood Reporter. “And now the anti-gay account that parodied me and then blocked me has been shut down. Tough times in the gay-and-bike-bashing space.”

c/o Instagram.

Win lunch with Milo Yiannopoulos by doing something DANGEROUS 

Deadline: Aug. 27.

“Just take a picture or record a video of yourself reading my book at a particularly ‘dangerous’ location. A Planned Parenthood clinic, for example. The headquarters of the New York Times. Jack Dorsey’s office (if you can get in legally). The winner is whoever manages to read my book in the most dangerous location, OR whoever manages to trigger the most leftists by bringing Dangerous into their presence.”

The fine print: “Submit your entries to us at If you want, post on the #ReadingDangerously hashtag on social media as well.”