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What is Squonking?

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Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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Vaping terminology can seem like a foreign language to those new to the community, and the multitude of words and phrases can be overwhelming at first. In fact, many vaping terms are still red-underlined in word processors, as if incorrectly spelled. The internet as whole marginalizes the vaping community. If you are new to vaping, it’s likely you will have no clue what squonking means. This is one of the many vaping words and is in fact beginning to become a very popular method of vaping.

Squonking is a form of vaping that alters the e-liquid delivery mechanism. The vape mod will have a plastic bottle inside, that can be seen and touched from the outside. This bottle will have the liquid that is transferred up to the atomizer that is then heated up, able to be vaped. This is done simply by squeezing the bottle.

Instead of a tank relying on the cotton to slowly soak up liquid, and instead of dripping liquid into the top of a dripper, we have a third method. The e-liquid can enter the RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) from the bottom by squeezing the bottle filled with liquid. This is NOT a new discovery, but it is fair to say it is gaining momentum currently among users as who are rediscovering the benefits.

Sometimes it’s called bottom-feeding, or BF (bottom feeder), squonk, or squonking.


1) You can walk around with 10ml+ of eliquid ready-to-use.
2)  Every time you “squonk” the bottle, a precise amount of e-liquid is delivered to the wicks (cotton). Fresh e-liquid each time.
3) It is possible to go 2 or even 3 days without worrying about juice, batteries, coils, wicks.
4) Your wicks stay much much cleaner.
5) Changing the wicks is a super simple procedure, the same as you would do with any dripping atomizer.
6) No over-dripping, no under-dripping…it’s like dripping, but better, as no e-liquid hangs around in a hot chamber getting repeatedly heated before vaporizing.

How to squonk:

1) Push your bottle gently and watch the e-liquid rise into the RDA
2) Release the bottle, and the bottle will return to shape, but the vacuum caused by this process ends up sucking the excess e-liquid in the RDA back into the bottle. All that is left in the RDA is your nicely wet wicks and a small excess of liquid.
3) Sit back and vape for a few minutes, once you feel the flavor diminishing, just gently squonk the bottle again.

*Leaking and overfilling has become a major concern with squonking, so it may take time to get use to.

In order to squonk, you do have to purchase a separate mod just for squonking and make sure you have a compatible RDA for it. The RDA must be BF compatible.

We have reviewed several squonking mods along with many BF RDAs:

Mods that are squonk friendly: Lost Vape Therion BF Squonk mod,  Yiloong 3D Printed Squonk mod, Eleaf Pico Squeeze, Yiloong Vape Geyscano box mod.

RDA’s that are BF, squonk friendly: Vandy Vape Pulse BF 24 and 22mm, Wotofo Serpent BF, Lost Vape Delirium V2 BF, Wotofo Vaporous, Hell Vape Dead Rabbit, CoilArt’s DPro, Geekvape Peerless and Medusa, Augvape Druga RDA.