CNN Congratulates Itself For Hurricane Harvey Rescues [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN reporters did some amazing work helping people affected by Hurricane Harvey, and the network made sure to highlight those efforts any chance it got.

A CNN crew was behind one inspiring rescue where an elderly couple was helped out of their flooded home, and another CNN group connected a displaced young man with his father through a phone call.

CNN then used their anchors and chyrons to pat itself on the back for doing the right thing.

“A CNN crew…jumping into action to help this elderly couple,” host Brooke Baldwin gushed with the chyron teasing a “dramatic rescue.”

“CNN crew helps pulls elderly couple from flooded home,” another chyron related to the events said.

“A remarkable effort by state and local officials to help as many people as possible–sometimes, not from officials at all, but from people just out there trying to help,” host John Berman said in regards to the CNN crew.

“This was Ed Lavandera just yesterday on CNN,” Berman explained. “Ed was traveling with volunteers just out there trying to help.”

Berman similarly praised a CNN crew for giving a “powerless” man a satellite phone so that he could call his father.

“It was just a little while ago we met one of those people who just seemed helpless,” correspondent Nick Valencia confirmed. “Fortunately, we have a satellite phone here and we were able to connect Aaron Mitchell with his father. What happened was just nothing short of amazing.”


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