Ex-Baylor Coach Hired By Canadian Football League

(REUTERS/Mike Stone)

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Art Briles is the former head football coach at Baylor University from 2008 until 2015. Briles was fired in 2015 after the university investigated how sexual assaults by students were handled.

Today it was announced that Briles was hired by the Canadian Football League to be an offensive coordinator for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Briles will be working with head coach June Jones, who is a former coach for the Atlanta Falcons.

According to TMZ Sports, NFL teams and other colleges thought about hiring Briles, but no one would take the chance on him. Eric Tillman, general manager of the Tiger-Cats, was promoted to the position in 2013. In 2010, Tillman plead guilty to sexually assaulting a teenager, according to ESPN. Tillman received a discharge, and in Canada that means he would not receive a conviction.

Briles said this after the allegations became public, “I’d tell them I’m extremely sorry. It just appalls me that somebody could victimize another human being. And there’s no place in society for it. And I’ve never condoned it and never will and never put up with it. These players are part of our program and representatives of our program. And when they do wrong, then it reflects on me and the university. So I do feel responsibility,” according to ESPN.

Clearly the staff believes in giving people second chances.