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FAKE HUES: CNN’s Jim Acosta Washes The Gray Right Out Of His Hair

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Jim Acosta, professional President Trump archnemesis and senior CNN White House correspondent, has washed the gray right out of his hair.

The separated TV correspondent and father of two kids who is in the process of getting a divorce, has been attracting a ton of attention on social media as of late. Little of it is positive — there’s a lot of discussion about how self-centered he is.

But as long as he’s going to get the spotlight, he has decided he’d rather be dashingly dark haired rather than a silver fox.

The Mirror sought comment from Acosta on the shade of his hair.

Whatever his hair color, Acosta reportedly dazzles the ladies. Earlier in the summer, NYP‘s “Page Six” said women have been flocking to him. And New York Mag’s “The Cut” called him “horny” and a “Beltway Casanova.”

Acosta’s new do was on display Monday when he took over Tropical Storm Harvey coverage for his colleague Wolf Blitzer.

Before Tropical Storm Harvey touched down:

After Tropical Storm Harvey hit Texas:

In case you’re doubting your eyes and wondering (like I was) if Acosta’s hair was just wet, one of my editors, Peter Hasson, encapsulated it all in one tweet:

Fox News White House correspondent John Roberts also has experience in dying his graying hair brown. Earlier in the year, he admitted that his hairstylist “played fast and loose” with the hair dye.

Roberts has since returned to his natural gray locks.