Gorka Reminds Tillerson Of Radical Islam Threat [AUDIO]

Alex Wong/Getty Images.

Amber Athey White House Correspondent

Sebastian Gorka hit back at Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Monday, who claimed Gorka doesn’t understand “the president’s policy” with regards to Islamic terror in Afghanistan.

WMAL’s “Mornings on the Mall” cohost Vince Coglianese brought up Tillerson’s recent assertion that Gorka has “a lack of understanding” of presidential policy. Tillerson was criticizing Gorka for questioning why Trump did not use “radical Islamic terror” in his Afghanistan speech.

“Yeah, I’m a little bit confused by that statement from the secretary of state because…I’m not sure there are a lot of ecoterrorists or white supremacist terrorists running around the hills of the Hindu Kush,” Gorka said in response. “I’d like to hear more from Tillerson because the president never, never backed down until that speech on Afghanistan.”

“He has been clear through the campaign…that the threat to America is from radical Islamic terrorism,” Gorka said of Trump. “I’d like the secretary to clarify that because it didn’t make much sense.”

Coglianese, who is also the editorial director at The Daily Caller, then asked Gorka to opine on whether or not Gen. John Kelly seems to be an “ideological man.”

“I haven’t seen any indication of that, the reality is what he’s doing right now is what anyone who knows General Kelly should expect,” Gorka said. “I haven’t seen an ideological flavor to his pronouncements, to his behavior, right now I think he’s acting as a military professional.”

Further, Gorka said his and Steve Bannon’s departures from the White House “should not be connected to the arrival of Chief of Staff John Kelly…The boxing out of MAGA individuals…is something that’s been going on for months.”


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