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Michael Moore Says Trump Will Get Reelected

REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

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The following might seem like bad news for Trump fans, because Michael Moore is wrong about so very many things. But keep in mind that Moore called Election 2016 for Trump well in advance. So he could be right this time too.

Christine Champagne:

Three weeks into the run of his anti-Trump Broadway show, The Terms of My Surrender, filmmaker and activist Michael Moore tells Fast Company that the president will be reelected in 2020. “I should say re-appointed, because we will have an even larger population that will vote against him in 2020,” Moore says. “But he will win those electoral states as it stands now…”

That said, he believes the National Popular Vote interstate compact, an agreement between states to award all of their electoral votes to the candidate who wins the popular vote, could succeed as a workaround if we* can convince enough state legislatures to pass it in time…

“People should not despair, thinking, well, the Republicans have all this power and all that.”

Isn’t it odd that people like Moore only complain about the Electoral College when they lose an election?

I agree that Dems shouldn’t despair, though. If they give up now, then we won’t get to watch their complete emotional collapse when Hillary or Bernie or whichever other loser they nominate gets beaten by somebody as awful as Trump. Again.

We must encourage our liberal friends to have hope. Otherwise, what fun is it?

*Interesting use of “we” there, eh?