Texas Heroes: The Most Heroic Acts Made During Rescues In Houston [VIDEO]

Ryan Saavedra Contributor
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Hurricane Harvey rocked Houston on Saturday and brought with it unprecedented flooding which left several dead and thousands stranded. Amidst the historic flood, many brave men and women risked their lives to come to the rescue of their fellow human.

Here are some of the top moments so far from rescue efforts in Houston:

Texans from surrounding areas brought their boats to Houston so they could “try to save some lives.”

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) rescued people with lifts using helicopters.

Rescue workers save a man who was stuck in his SUV as water levels continued to rise.

A reporter spotted a truck driver stuck in the flood, she flagged down police who saved his life live on TV.

Three young men who appear to be teenagers spent their day on a boat rescuing people.

CNN reporter lends a hand live on air to help an elderly couple get into a boat during a rescue operation.

Rescue workers carry those with disabilities to safety.

An on-camera meteorologist with the Weather Channel stops what he is doing to save the American flag.

A man, who doesn’t appear to be a first responder, uses a rope to help pull people to safety.

Across the U.S. people praised the people of Texas, civilians and first responders, for their sense of community and willingness to help each other in this time of need.

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