VP Pence Praises First Responders For Hurricane Harvey Rescues


Amber Athey White House Correspondent

Vice President Mike Pence used a Monday interview to praise the first responders and community members who are helping Texans deal with the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

Speaking to conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Monday, Pence said moments such as Harvey “bring out the character of our nation.”

“We’re seeing the generosity, the compassion, the courage of the American people in high relief, whether it be the first responders who — you know, the Coast Guard is in the air — was in the air as of yesterday even though this is still a tropical storm,” Pence asserted. “I mean, you have first responders who have risked life and limb to rescue families that were stranded after Hurricane Harvey made landfall.”

Pence also described the financial assistance people across the nation are donating to the Red Cross and the Salvation Army as “deeply inspiring to President Trump and myself and to our entire administration.”

Pence was also careful to note that the worst part of the storm is not yet over and additional devastation could be forthcoming.

“But I can’t say enough to your millions of listeners, particularly those in the affected areas, with families in the affected areas, just to note this is still a very dangerous storm,” Pence told Limbaugh. “And while the federal government is there now with more than 8,500 officials on the ground, we’ve been moving literally over a million meals and over a million liters of water.”

“The reality is that this is a long way from over,” Pence concluded. “It could get worse before it gets better, with additional rain coming.”

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