Maryland School Bans Students From Wearing Redskins Gear

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

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Green Acres School, a private elementary school in Bethesda, Maryland, has banned students and staff from wearing Washington Redskins gear when the new school year starts next week.

The letter sent to the families of the students said, “the term ‘Redskin’ is a racial slur. Its use, whether intentional or not, can be deeply insulting and offensive,” according to USA TODAY Sports.

Apparently third-graders were the ones to bring this issue to the schools attention. Neal M. Brown, the head of school said the little ones did a study on Native Americans andl expressed their feelings on the team gear.

Brown told USA TODAY Sports, “We certainly don’t want to vilify anyone who comes to school in violation of this. Ultimately, most kids won’t wear that kind of clothing because they understand why it is upsetting to some people.”

The school has not figured out what consequences students will face if they do come to school with Redskins gear on, but it does depend on their age. The school has students from pre-k through eighth grade.