National Review Editor: Antifa On Moral Plane With Nazis [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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National Review Editor Rich Lowry asserted Tuesday that Antifa is “on the same moral plane” as Nazis because both groups use violence and terroristic tactics to achieve their goals.

Lowry said on Fox News that the media created a false narrative in Charlottesville, VA that would not allow people to denounce the violence of Antifa, else they be accused of supporting Nazis.

“The fact is Antifa and Nazis are on the same moral plane,” Lowry said. “They both are violent, they both like these street clashes–it’s not that Antifa shows up and become violent, it’s a movement devoted to violence.”

“It’s devoted to the proposition you should shut down views you disagree with and this is a moral challenge for liberalism–can all respectable liberals full-throatedly denounce this movement and so far, the answer unfortunately, is no,” he continued.

“Google Antifa and you’ll see event after event after event where they act like this,” Lowry said, explaining that he’s not sure if they should be labeled a terrorist organization but “they are terroristic in their tactics.”

“They show up, they break things, they burn things, and they beat people up,” he concluded.


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