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RDA, RTA or RDTA? An Essential Guide To The Three Main Tanks

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Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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RDAs, RTAs and RDTAs are different style tanks that go on top of vape mods. These vape tanks vary in structure, build and functionality, and they all serve different purposes. The one thing they all have in common is they are rebuildable, meaning you actually have to manually make your own coil and put cotton inside of it on your own. Sub-ohm style tanks are the pre-made coils that you just attach inside your tank to vape it, requiring no necessary work on your part. Keep in mind, The Daily Vaper has reviewed many of each of the rebuildable types, along with some sub-ohm tanks.

RDA stands for “rebuildable dripping atomizer. This style tank essentially has little to no reservoir to hold any liquid other than what is actually dripped onto your manually made coil. The manually made coil is made up of the heating element, that holds your cotton. When the fire button of a specific mod is pressed the coil will heat up whatever liquid that is on your cotton and turn it into the vapor that is inhaled. An atomizer is just another word for the coil setup and heating element. With an RDA, usually there will be a good size space at the mouth piece to drip liquid through onto your coils. Sometimes dripping needs to be done in another manner, such as by taking off the top cap and then dripping or through a side-filling method. This all depends on the design of the RDA. With an RDA, it needs to be dripped often, making sure that the cotton is always moist, so that you do not get the much dreaded “dry hit.” This essentially is what an RDA is.

RTA stands for “rebuildable tank atomizer.” An RTA has somewhat of a similar setup as the RDA, because it is also manually made. The major difference here is that an RTA holds excess liquid in the tank. This takes away the requirement to continuously drip onto the coil. The tank will hold a specific amount of millileters below the build deck. When building your coil and putting the cotton on manually, the cotton must hang down far enough into the tank so that when you tilt the vape mod to vape, the cotton is catching and soaking up some liquid. This style tank normally would be the go-to tank when you first start building your own coils, coming from sub-ohm style tank.

RDTA stands for “rebuildable dripping tank atomizer.” This style tank is a cross between the first two – RDAs and RTAs. The RDTA does both. You can drip on it, and it also contains a tank to hold excess liquid. So if you are a vaper who doesn’t want to drip so often, but you still want the benefits of the RDA as far as flavor and vapor production, this style would be for you.

These are the basics when it comes to RDAs, RTAs and RDTAs. Companies are coming out with many different types of versatile tanks. Each one offers its own specific benefits. Some tanks may concentrate on flavor and others on vapor production. Sometimes both. It is always important to do research on what style tank is right for you. It is a good thing we have already reviewed many for you right here at The Daily Vaper.