Country Music Legend Has Blistering Message For Media

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Country music legend Charlie Daniels had a few choice words for the mainstream media and CNN Wednesday about its news coverage, and he didn’t hold back.

“I wonder if the msm are broadcasting to each other because very few other people really seem to care,” the 80-year-old country singer tweeted to his 460,000 followers. (RELATED: Charlie Daniels has a few topic suggestions for Obama’s State of the Union… and he’s not fiddling around)

Charlie Daniels defends Confederate flag

(Photo: Getty Images)


Hours before that, he told CNN he was not impressed with its news coverage when he tweeted something about bovine scatology.

“I’ll just come out and say it, I know bovine scatology, I raise bulls. One CNN broadcast contains more than we dig out of our barn in a year,” Daniels tweeted.

Most recently, the country singer got everyone’s attention when he compared the tearing down of Confederate statues to what ISIS is doing.

“That’s what ISIS is doing, There were pieces of history over there they didn’t like, they’re taking ’em down,” Daniels explained. “Where does it go to Rita? I mean where does it stop?”

“Is it just gonna be Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson or are we headed into Jefferson and Washington, who were both slave owners,” he added. “How deep in history are we gonna go? Is everybody that we disagree with, we are gonna have to wipe every semblance of them out? Is that what this is all about? Is this where it’s gonna end, is this where it’s gonna go?”

“I mean, come on! You don’t have to condone what happened in the civil war,” he continued. “We all know what it was fought for–you certainly don’t have to condone it. But they are statues of people who are part of our history.”