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Dick Morris: VP Pence Has Trump’s Back…For Now

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Veep Mike Pence‘s loyalties could shift, insists political commentator Dick Morris.

In a new interview with The Mirror, Morris contends that Pence has President Trump‘s back for now. But if the tide or Congress turns, so might Pence.

Pence has vociferously denied any interest in holding himself out as a replacement for Trump despite holding a fundraiser in July to promote his Great American Committee.

Morris is promoting his new book, ROGUE SPOOKS: The Intelligence War On Donald Trump, and is giving a slew of interviews. He says mine is likely his 100th interview. And this is Part II — The Mirror caught up with him last week for Part I. Morris graciously gave me more time since I had a half page of questions remaining when Morris ended the call.

On the pardoning of former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio: “I think he was right. I think the pardoning of Joe Arpaio was a good move.”

Even so, Morris sees a pattern with Trump that he finds “disturbing.” He sees a number of Trump actions that directly contradict his campaign promises. “Not just peripheral pledges,” he says. “They were key to his campaign.”

An example: “In July, when [Trump] announced that Iran was in full compliance with the deal. Every 90 days the President is obliged to certify that. But it represented a huge retreat.”

On the other hand, Morris is “thrilled” that Trump is using the Magnitsky Act to go after people in Venezuela and Pakistan. Magnitsky, he explains, was a whistleblower who discovered massive corruption in Russia and was tortured and murdered.

“The key thing about Magnitsky is that it targets individuals. It’s a gutsy and courageous call.”

Morris calls Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) “brilliant and wonderful.” Sen. Maj. Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), meanwhile, is “a hack.”

Which brings us to the what ifs of Trump getting impeached.

“If Trump is impeached I don’t think he can rely on the Senate Republicans to defend him,” he says. “This makes the situation more difficult for him. This whole situation has moved into a new phase. First you deny the allegation and then you shoot the alligator.”

Morris is proud of his “alligator” joke, but he has a much funnier Clinton line coming later.

The former longtime campaign consultant and pollster says Trump’s enemies are aiming to use the 25th Amendment to oust him from office.

Morris is brimming with wonky details.

“The vice president can certify that the president is incapable of doing the abilities of office, he explained. “There is a body that either is cabinet members or a special body created by Congress which analyzes the certificiation. If it’s found to be accurate, the matter is turned over to Congress. [Trump] can always apply to get his job back, but it’s a coup.”

He says liberal accusations against Trump are becoming increasingly specific — he thinks they are part of the “deep state” and discusses them at length in his book. Morris says it’s an “intelligence media coup. I think they’ve all decided – [Joe] Scarborough and others to take the next step.”

So can Trump depend on Pence?

Morris is iffy.

“I think he can depend on him now,” he says. “Who knows what that relationship will be in the future because Trump alienates everybody. I think it’s a very good relationship. I think Pence has been very loyal, but you never know about the future.”

Morris has a little experience with shifting allegiances.

Asked if he’s on good terms with his former bosses, the Clintons, he replies, “None. They send me a Christmas card each year but there is white powder on the outside.”

Morris starts to laugh. Is he being serious about the Christmas card?

“No, no,” he says chuckling. “Good story though.”