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Evening Mirror: Kellyanne Conway Rips CNN’s Chris Cuomo

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Night:

“You’re going to play climatologist tonight?”

President Trump‘s Counselor Kellyanne Conway to CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who asked her about climate change.

Beware Airbnb hosts: If your place is horrible, you’ll be outed 

“Airbnb will now let guests leave reviews for stays they cut short.” — Travel & Leisure.

A granola bar will not tide this political reporter over 

“TFW you realize you should have brought more than a granola bar to hold you over during a city meeting.” — Patricia Mazzei, political writer, Miami Herald.

Ashley Feinberg of Wired uncovers Trump’s inner circle wish lists on Amazon. The best find: Some Of My Best Friends: A Journey Through Twenty-First Century Anti-Semitism. See here.

WTF Central: Tonight’s NBC New York stories

“Tonight’s has been more effed up than usual. A smattering of the stories tonight: /1 Crazed naked boyfriend roams the streets after murdering his girlfriend. /2 14-yr-old girl advertised herself as an 18 to get a babysitting job, went to a casino with her mother & left baby outside on a bench /3 Staten Island Assembly candidate claims her opponent made a fake Fbook page to sabotage her & a member of Congress defended the opponent /4 And a Mexican cartel was hiding drugs in candles shaped like sex toys. WTF /5″

Emily Singer, senior writer, mic.

Telemundo gives all airtime to ‘Hurricane Harvey’ victims

Even if you don’t speak a lick of Spanish…it’s not hard to figure this one out.


NBC’s Chuck Todd falsely accused of calling Kasie Hunt ‘hon’ 







Remarks from the players…

TODD, host, Meet the Press: Short last names invite one name shout outs. Only twitter looks for controversy! Meanwhile I’ll hunt and peck for a different shout out.

HUNT, MSNBC: He said great job “Hunt” — a nice compliment! See you same time & place tomorrow, Todd.

Boris Ryvkin, former National Security Advisor to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), got all uptight about this. He wrote The Mirror, saying, “So glad this critically important media misunderstanding has been resolved – Americans can now sleep soundly.”

CNN’s Ana Navarro weighs in on Joel Osteen 

“Couple w/perfect teeth & perfect hair who play goody-goody on tv, shut down their mega church at time of need? Yes. There’s consensus.” — Navarro.

Amateur Photographer


In which I feature a Daily Caller coworker for good or strange reasons. 

“Should The Daily Caller bring on and interview the hot woman arrested for having sex on a South Carolina golf course?” — David Hookstead, editor, The Daily Caller‘s “The Smoke Room” in a Twitter poll.

Why infamous Ginger Charles C. Johnson has a bushy beard 

Johnson visited The Daily Caller‘s newsroom Wednesday sporting an overly bushy ginger-y beard. He said he bet a Pakistani friend that he could grow his beard longer than his friend. So far, he says he’s lasted 31 days. Below is the current state of his facial hair.