Pelosi Confuses ‘A Better Deal’ With FDR’s ‘New Deal’ [VIDEO]

REUTERS/Yuri Gripas

Ryan Saavedra Contributor

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi continued to struggle with gaffes in Colorado on Wednesday, as she flubbed the name of the Democrats’ newly launched campaign.

Speaking during a roundtable discussion with the Colorado Democratic Party on Wednesday, Pelosi confused the Democrats’ new campaign slogan “A Better Deal,” with the President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal.”

“We don’t want to be fear mongers. You’re going to see us taking the New Deal,” Pelosi said, before quickly correcting herself saying, “A Better Deal.”

A Better Deal” is the Democrat’s new “re-branding campaign” they launched in late July which seeks to help them better connect with voters after experiencing a devastating loss of power over the previous eight years under President Obama.

On countless occasions, Pelosi has referred to President Trump as President Bush and in some instances, members of her staff have had to walk on stage and hand her a piece of paper alerting her to her mistake.

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