Politico Cartoonist Defends Hurricane Harvey Cartoon


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Politico landed itself in hot water Wednesday when it published a cartoon mocking victims of Hurricane Harvey, and now the cartoonist is defending his work.

Politico tweeted then deleted the following cartoon on Wednesday but the piece remains on their website. The decision to mock people affected by a natural disaster quickly drew near-universal condemnation. (RELATED: Politico Tweets, Deletes Cartoon Mocking Hurricane Harvey Victims)

Screen Shot Politico Cartoon (Matt Wuerker)

Screen Shot Politico Cartoon (Matt Wuerker)

The artist of the cartoon, Matt Wuerker, is defending the work on Twitter, arguing that the piece was very “pro Coast Guard” and only went after “secessionists.” Wuerker also asserted that he is “rooting for Texas” and was simply pointing out that “it’s ironic to say the government is the enemy.”

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