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Woman Throws Urine On DC Bus Driver For Saying ‘Have A Nice Day’


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Sometimes I miss living in Washington, D.C. Then I read stories like this and it all comes flooding back. Pun intended.


A woman who threw a cup of her own urine at a D.C. bus driver on Saturday turned herself in to police on Wednesday and told News4 the driver had been rude to her…

“I’ve been catching Metro for 35 years. They’ve never done s— for me,” the lifelong D.C. resident said…

“[The bus driver] said ‘have a nice day’ all sarcastically,” the urine-throwing woman said. “She could have been more courteous.”

And why did this lovely lady have a cup full of her own urine on a bus? She said she was running late when she got on and didn’t have time to go, so she just peed in the cup. So… it wasn’t premeditated piss-pelting, I guess? I think I’d prefer someone who planned it out in advance, and wasn’t just spraying pee all over the place at random.

What is it with weaponized bodily waste all of a sudden? Antifa has been throwing urine and feces on people, because Antifa is a pack of disgusting animals, and now the practice is spreading among the general public. I learned not to play with my own yuckies when I was… well, OK, I’m a bad example. But don’t most people learn not to do this sort of thing fairly young?

What the hell is wrong with you people?