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Kevin Krilla | Vape Reporter

Nick “Grimm” Green joined The Daily Vaper for an up close and personal look at all the latest questions and answers surrounding the vaping community. Known as GrimmGreen on YouTube, Nick has over 300,000 subscribers who turn to him for all the latest information on both products and advocacy-related issues. He has been and continues to be a leading voice in support of less regulation and taxation that would cripple the vaping industry. Also, on a daily basis he reviews vaping products for all of his followers to tune in to. His knowledge helps consumers who are choosing a specific product to buy and also explains and directs them how they can get involved to save vaping.

At the start of the interview, the Daily Vaper’s Christian Datoc asks Nick why he first started spreading the good word on vaping culture. Nick responded, “It was really just vaping, I was never cut out to be any sort of celebrity or personality, or anything like that.” Eight years later, hundreds of thousands of vapers look up to Nick as a well known source on vaping issues. Even though it was not planned, he is in the limelight as vaping popularity grows.

It all started for Nick “Grimm” Green when he went 48 hours without a cigarette, getting by using a little e-cig device. He was totally amazed how he could go 2 hours, let alone 2 days without a cigarette. So he took to the internet, made videos and informed the people. He knew it was the right thing to do. “I didn’t know where it was gonna lead to,” he says.

Nick was asked how he feels about how politicians are constantly trying to regulate vaping. He responded, “It’s been an uphill battle since the very beginning.” It was an uphill battle back in 2009 when Nick first started vaping, just as it was in 2010 when California came crashing down with a statewide vaping ban.

Summing up the vape war, Nick states, “We are a new intrusive industry; we are messing with time-long business relationships with big tobacco and big government.”

Nick did have some positive takes on the Trump administration’s position on vaping. He said, “They have some new and fresh ideas like you are seeing in the UK and Paris.” Overall, he feels that the new administration is shaping up to be on the side of vaping’s harm reduction possibilities. He hopes they continue down this road by making vaping available as a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. Let people make their own decisions, right? Vaping is a cause to be championed by proponents of individual liberty.

GrimmGreen thinks that in the next three to four years, vaping will take tremendous strides in becoming more socially acceptable. “I think vaping is going to be very, very accepted. Much like Uber, or these big society changing industries,” he enthusiastically concludes.

That’s Grimm Green, folks!

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Nick "Grimm" Green Sits Down With The Daily Caller

YouTube vape legend Nick "Grimm" Green joined The Daily Vaper for an exclusive interview. What's his rig? How are regulations killing the industry? Check out his answers…

Posted by Daily Vaper on Tuesday, August 29, 2017

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