Hillary To Charge Toronto Residents $2,400 To Meet Her On Her Book Tour

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David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Hillary Clinton is coming to a city near you — even if you live in Canada.

You’ll still have to pay through the nose to see the polarizing Democratic personality though.

The former first lady is hitting 15 cities on her upcoming book tour, and those north of the border will have to pay up to $2,400 to meet the failed Democratic presidential candidate.

The opportunity to meet Clinton on her book tour is something that best-selling conservative author, radio host and political humorist Mark Steyn called “a hell of a steal” during a Wednesday appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Carlson, one of The Daily Caller’s co-founders, introduced the segment by saying, “Hillary Clinton is back on the campaign trail; she’s not trying to get votes this time; instead, she’s trying to sell her new book, it’s called What Happened….This is the amazing thing:  in NYC, tickets are $125 a piece; in Toronto, for $2,400 you can meet Hillary Clinton.”

Steyn called that modest compared to what others have had to cough up.

“The $2,400…for a personal meet and greet, there are Saudi princes and Sudanese warlords saying…that’s bargain basement prices for a meet and greet with Hillary Clinton: I had to pay $4 million to the Clinton foundation and sit though a speech on diarrhea in Africa from Chelsea before I could get a meet and greet with Hillary Clinton so that Toronto deal is a hell of a steal,” said Steyn.

Steyn continued, “She promises to connect with you. So she’s been practicing that glassy-eyed stare and the ‘I speak your weight machine’ voice and she’s promised to be..the press release has announced — so it’s official — that she’s going to be surprisingly  funny. I found election election night to be surprisingly funny so that did it for me with the Hillary surprisingly funny routine.”

Steyn suggested viewers see for themselves: “… at this Toronto engagement, she’s going to be surprisingly funny. So if you go, don’t be surprised because it’s guaranteed. For $2400 she’ll be surprisingly funny; for $3,600 she’ll be predictably funny.”

Carlson, who was unable to contain his laughter through the discussion said, I’m  actually going to watch this segment again on tape because I was so amused by it.”

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