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The Most Vape-Friendly Cities, RANKED

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Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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Wouldn’t it be nice to know as a vaper whether the city you live in is favorable to vaping? You might even decide where to move if you don’t want to face discrimination for your lifesaving choices.

Well, Vapescore.org analyzed 52 of the largest and most populous cities across the United States, grading them based on the taxation and regulation of vaping products. So now we know where in the United States local governments are harming or helping vapers’ lives. Each of these cities was graded on a scale of 95, with considerations including environmental prohibitions, excise taxes, licensing and overall harm reduction climate.

They found these cities to be the 7 most friendly cities vapers.

  1. Virginia Beach, VA  A+. Virginia Beach was found to be the most vape friendly city out of them all. It is dinged a little for environmental prohibitions but is given extra credit on overall harm reduction. It gets a total score of 97 out of 95, good for an A+ grade.
  2. Albuquerque, NM – A. Only four cities in the entire country were given A grade. Albuquerque is one of them. The New Mexico city gets overall score of 94, losing only 1 point on overall harm reduction. They didn’t lose any points in any of the other policy areas. A major win!
  3. Mesa, AZ – A. Mesa was given one of the four A’s as well. The Arizona city received an overall score of 94, also losing only 1 point on overall harm reduction. Arizona is a great state for vapers, containing three cities worthy of an A rating.
  4. Tucson, AZ  A. Tucson is another city to be given a high A rating.. They received an overall score of 94, also losing only 1 point on overall harm reduction. It is another Arizona city that is very friendly to vape in, with no high taxes or regulations.
  5. Phoenix, AZ  A.  Phoenix was given the last of the 4 A’s. They received an overall score of 94, also losing only 1 point on overall harm reduction. If you are looking for a place to relocate that is friendly to vapers, your search should start in the Grand Canyon state.
  6. Colorado Springs, CO A-. Colorado Springs earned a respectable 91, losing only 4 points on overall harm reduction.
  7. Denver, CO  A-. Denver also took home a score of 91, also losing 4 points for overall harm reduction. It turns out Colorado’s two largest cities make for a good home for vapers.

This list proves that, in general, the best places to be a vaper in America lie in the American Southwest. In addition to New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado, Texas is also kind to vapers. Five B+ cities are located in the Lone Star State. Unsurprisingly, the worst state for vaping in California, home to eight F-rated cities, more than any other state.