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Vaping Practically Got Its Own Scene In One Of TV’s Hottest Shows

Showtime Anytime screenshot

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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For those who weren’t watching Sunday, the latest episode of the hit Showtime drama “Ray Donovan” contained a pivotal vaping scene. The scene depicted two guys driving in a car, passing a vape mod to one another. You can clearly see the clouds inside the car as the windows were totally rolled up. It added to the “smoked out” scene as the two guys were just cruising down the road.

Surely due to vaping’s growing popularity, producers added a vaping device to what is arguably Showtime’s most popular show currently on the air. Seeing vaping in one of the most acclaimed shows on television really gives me hope that the practice will soon become more commonplace than cigarettes.

I have no doubt that many viewers of Sunday’s episode found themselves wondering, “What is that thing?” Hopefully, they looked it up to discover a device just may be the best and most healthful alternative to traditional cigarettes. To others like myself, who are familiar with this technology, the scene gave me the feeling of acceptance, a feeling vapers rarely get from popular culture. Millions of people vape. I am one of them. As I watched the vape scene live on Sunday night – vape mod in my hand – I felt welcomed.

For me, it took only one day with a vaping device to be able to kick the habit of smoking cigarettes. It is truly a remarkable feeling, knowing that I could give up smoking without looking back. Our goal at the Daily Vaper is to help others accomplish a similar feat. We look to making vaping more commonplace and socially acceptable. More importantly, we’ll fight to make it legally available to all who wish to use it. We wish to help millions more people have the choice to save themselves from cigarette’s deadly grip.