Ezekiel Elliot’s Suspension Prayers May Have Just Been Answered

(Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

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The NFLPA has filed a restraining order in Texas. This means it would block the suspension the NFL gave Elliot for violating their personal conduct policy over domestic violence allegations. The NFLPA said the appeal process is “fundamentally unfair,” according to ESPN.

The NFL arbitrator Harold Henderson could rule that the suspension will remain in place and the court will review. While this is happening, Elliot could be allowed to play during this time.

According to ESPN, the NFLPA said in their ruling, “there was a League-orchestrated conspiracy by senior NFL executives …. to hide critical information — which would completely exonerate Elliott”

Kia Wright Roberts, the NFL’s director of investigations, testified during the ruling on Tuesday and said she was the only NFL employee who interviewed Tiffany Thompson, Elliot’s accuser. Roberts said from what she gathered after interviewing Thompson, she thinks the NFL should not suspend Elliot.

Henderson refused to allow Thompson or Roger Goodell to testify during the hearing.

The NFLPA said of the decision to not allow Goodell to testify, “Without testimony from the Commissioner, it was not possible to determine the full impact of the conspiracy, or precisely what the Commissioner knew or did not know about his co-lead investigator’s conclusion that there was not sufficient credible evidence to proceed with any discipline under a League Personal Conduct Policy.”