These Cars Are The Most Badass British Rides [SLIDESHOW]

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Two of the best things to come from the United Kingdom are the United States of America and these badass rides (OK, and Cadbury eggs).

We don’t need a slideshow to show off how awesome America is — we experience its beautiful freedom every day. Thank you, Britain. We do, however, need to acknowledge the incredible automobiles the Brits have produced. The Italians aren’t the only ones rolling out badass rides — just look at the McLaren, for instance!

From Rolls-Royce to Land Rover to Jaguar, the United Kingdom is home to some of the biggest names in the luxury automobile industry.

James Bond, one of the world’s most badass figures (real or fictional), drives an Aston Martin (in case you needed any more reasons why the jaw-dropping British car is amazing).

Let’s celebrate the awesome automobiles from our tea-drinking neighbors from across the pond with this compilation of the most badass British rides.