WH Doesn’t Care About Negative Polls, Sanders Calls Them ‘Silly’

REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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Bad approval ratings don’t phase the White House as spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Friday that they are “silly.”

A Fox News poll released Wednesday showed that 56 percent of voters believe Trump is “tearing the country apart,” and his approval rating in Gallup polling has been consistently in the 30 percentile range for the past several weeks.

“I think a lot of these polls are the same polls that predicted that Donald Trump…would never be the president and he’s sitting in the Oval Office as I stand here,” Sanders said at Friday’s press briefing when asked about how the polls affect how Trump governs. “So I don’t have a a lot of faith in a lot of these polls. I think if you look at what he’s been doing this week, particularly in terms of focusing on unifying the nation on Hurricane Harvey recovery, talking about tax reform, an issue that’s got very wide bipartisan support. The numbers that we are focused on and that this administration cares about aren’t poll numbers.”

“The numbers that we’re focused on have to do with actual problems that Americans are facing. The numbers that we’re focused on are the ones that actually impact day-to-day life for all Americans,” Sanders continued. “That’s what we’re focused on. Certainly not silly polls that frankly weren’t much use to us in the election and certainly I don’t think are now. “