Hurricane Harvey Survivors Happily Welcome President Trump And Melania In Houston

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump arrived at Houston’s NRG Center to meet with survivors of Hurricane Harvey as well as help volunteer at the site’s lunch line.

The Trumps and their group were at the NRG Center for about 45 minutes. Hugs and handshakes were exchanged, and many photos and selfies were snapped with the president and the first lady.

The couple stopped over at the “kid zone,” where children played with balls, board games, puzzles and made jewelry.

Trump spotted several uniformed military men and walked over to shake their hands. One of the men told the president, “We voted for you.”

Trump responded, joking: “You better. Who didn’t in your world? Who didn’t?”

One woman shouted “Donald Trump!” as the president walked toward the crowd who took pictures with their cell phones. “It’s Trump! There’s Trump,” another yelled.

A number of Texas national guardsmen in uniform were taking pictures of the president as well, and they shouted phrases like “Thank you for coming Mr. President!” and “You rock!”

Trump later found himself talking with reporters asking him what his message was for the people of Texas.

“The message is that things are working out well. Really, I think people appreciate what’s been done. It’s been done very efficiently, very well, and that’s what we want. We’re very happy with the way everything is going. A lot of love. There’s a lot of love.”

When asked what displaced families told him earlier in the day, he responded: “They were just happy. We saw a lot of happiness. It’s been really nice. It’s been a wonderful thing. As tough as this was, it’s been a wonderful thing, I think even for the country to watch it and for the world to watch. It’s been beautiful.”

Trump noted that the federal response to Harvey was “very well received” even by the media.

The president went on to say, “I think most importantly, the governor, the relationship with the governor, the mayor and everybody, it’s been fantastic. And with the federal government. We’re signing a lot of documents now to get money into your state. $7.9 billion. We signed it and now it’s going through a very quick process.”

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