JIM CROW: Segregation-Loving Ivy League Students Demand Separate-But-Equal Dorms

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A gaggle of 17 far-left student groups at Princeton University released a lengthy “solidarity” statement in the campus newspaper which complains about all the racially integrated housing on campus and asks for racially segregated housing.

“The events in Charlottesville, Va., have made the presence of neo-Nazism and white nationalism in the United States undeniable,” the students group declare in their Daily Princetonian statement seeking separate housing based on skin color.

“At a white-serving and male-serving institution like Princeton University — with ties to slavery and racial and gendered exclusion — we must hold our university and each other accountable,” the pro-segregation statement says.

“It is not good enough to disapprove of or condemn racism, white supremacy, Nazism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, ableism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, transmisogyny, transmisogynoir, xenophobia, and any oppression of historically marginalized communities.”

Instead, the pro-segregation statement proclaims, everyone at Princeton must recognize the ways the fancypants Ivy League school “currently underserves students of color, LGBT and non-binary students, women, undocumented students, students with disabilities, and low-income students, despite touting diversity and inclusion.”

Then comes a list of seven complaints. The seventh complaint involves “double standards regarding the establishment of affinity living spaces.” The leftist groups complain that there is special housing for art students and environmentalist students but no special “living spaces based on shared race or ethnicity.”

Other complaints involve Princeton’s lack of special housing just for gay people and the Princeton administration’s decision to avoid creating a bunch of radical departments ending in the word “studies” such as “Latinx Studies, Native/Indigenous Studies, Asian American Studies and Pacific Islander American Studies.”

The 17 groups which signed on to the pro-segregation statement say they will “counter-demonstrate” “should a white supremacist gathering come to or near Princeton.”

“We are most powerful when we are in unity and solidarity as the many.”

The 17 signatories of the pro-segregation statement include the Black Student Union, the College Democrats, the Princeton DREAM Team, Princeton University’s Latinx Perspectives Organization, Young Democratic Socialists of Princeton and, of course, Woke Wednesdays.

Princeton’s College Republicans did not sign the pro-segregation document.

“I caution all Princeton students, especially incoming freshmen, to not succumb to the false moral dichotomy perpetuated by this statement of solidarity,” John Zarrilli, the president of Princeton’s College Republicans, told Campus Reform. “The conflation of Charlottesville, white supremacists, and campus politics is perhaps effective, but grossly misleading, whether intended or not.”

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