Arkansas Razorbacks Writer Thinks I’m The Reason Nobody Trusts The Media

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Apparently I’ve once again ruffled some feathers south of the Mason-Dixon line.

SEC Country, a site popular among some football fans in the South, took a shot at me Monday morning over my ongoing feud with Arkansas coach Bret Bielema.

Author Eric Bolin wrote the following in his SEC Country Arkansas weekend wrap:

Bret Bielema’s troll at The Daily Caller is back

Remember David Hookstead? He’s the writer at The Daily Caller who trolled Arkansas coach Bret Bielema last September. Hookstead is the guy who wrote the story of Bielema and wife Jen’s meeting was bollocks.

He’s back. A quick Google search shows Hookstead is fascinated with Bielema. It’s very, very odd. His latest piece is about his shock that Las Vegas does not have strong odds on Bielema being fired any time soon.

In August, Hookstead wrote that he got inside Bielema’s head. He’s the reason Arkansas struggled.

This is why people don’t trust “the media.”

This guy thinks I’m the reason people don’t trust “the media.” Not CNN’s goofy chyrons, Not MSNBC’s tinfoil hats, not countless journalists squealing about Russia instead of Hurricane Harvey, and not the partisan hacks lying on television daily. Nope. Not any of those guys.

Apparently the reason people in middle America don’t trust the media is because of a guy born and raised in the Wisconsin country side. A guy who loves football, beer and guns is somehow the reason people hate “the media.”

That seems to likely be correct. After all, Trump won on a message of how rural sports fans are the real problem in America. Oh wait, that’s not how that played out at all.

This Arkansas feud is starting to get out of hand. I simply speculated about Bielema’s story about meeting his wife, who for the record, I have admitted is smoking hot. That’s how you know I’ll always keep it real with you. I’m willing to admit my feuding enemy has a dime wife. I always keep it 100.

The way Arkansas “media” and fans circled the wagons around Bielema once I called him out has been fascinating to observe. It’s certainly not the least bit suspicious when they try to shut down the debate instead of hearing out ideas. That’s a totally normal and reasonable action.

SEC Country should be very careful before getting involved in a fight they have zero shot of winning. I’ll crush their website before my first Mountain Dew of the morning, and people will only whisper its name as a fateful warning of what happens to those who attack the integrity of folks who value honesty and integrity in “the media.”

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