CNN Gives Softball Interview To DACA Recipient [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN sent its viewers an obvious pro-DACA message on Monday with an overwhelmingly sympathetic interview with a DACA recipient.

“We now know that President Trump is expected to end the program that protects immigrants who were brought into the United States as children … undocumented, by their parents,” Host Poppy Harlow said at the start of the segment, almost forgetting to tack on the word “undocumented.”

Harlow brought on a DACA recipient with “a pretty impressive resume,” Santiago Tobar Potes, who is a sophomore at Columbia University, speaks six languages, interned for Sen. Marco Rubio, and is “an accomplished violinist.”

Potes also wrote an opinion piece in support of DACA for CNN in February, urging Trump, “don’t deport me.”

“I went to Columbia, so congrats on getting through your first year and in doing so well so far,” Harlow gushed as she introduced her guest.

Harlow then worked to paint Potes as the most sympathetic character she could, leading him into telling the story of his grandparents being murdered by revolutionary forces in Columbia and his feelings about living like a “fugitive” in the United States.

“Knowing now what the president will decide … Dreamers like yourself will be deported,” Harlow said.

“You know, so many of us have lived our entire lives in hiding, fearing that we will be discovered,” Potes responded.

“Unless this problem of immigration is solved I really feel that my experiences have shown me that we’ve lived lives as second-class citizens,” he continued, seemingly forgetting he is not a citizen at all. “We don’t have the agency over our lives.”

When asked how he felt “waking up” to Trump’s decision to end DACA, Potes told the viewers, “It was extremely disheartening. I’m still very terrified.”


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