I Became A Huge Josh Rosen Fan Last Night

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports - 10259460 via Reuters

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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UCLA star quarterback Josh Rosen got a new fan last night after his team’s remarkable win against Texas A&M.

I’ve been watching Rosen’s career closely, but was never much of a fan. I thought he was a bit too outspoken, and obnoxious after wearing a “f*ck” Donald Trump hat on a golf course. I thought his play on the field hadn’t done enough to justify his attitude. I’m a big believer that your talents dictate everything else. He just hadn’t proven enough to me to make me a fan of his off-the-field antics.

That all changed around midnight last night. What our nation saw was nothing short of incredible. UCLA was down 44-10 in the third quarter to the Aggies, when Rosen stepped back under center. Rosen, who was injured earlier in the game, was calm, cool and collected as he threw all over the Aggies defense.

It all came together with 48 seconds remaining. Rosen faked a spike, and instead tossed the game winning touchdown. His comeback was complete, and his place among the UCLA legends was solidified.


That was the stuff of movies we saw last night. Pure electricity and poise from the UCLA gunslinger.

If you’re an NFL team with a bad quarterback and no shot of winning this year, do you tank the season in hopes of getting Rosen in the draft? I don’t know, but it certainly might not be the worst idea after what we witnessed last night.

I’m all in on “Chosen Rosen.”

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