Marijuana Innovations May Alleviate Chronic Pain, Help Patients Kick Opioid Habit

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Escalating numbers of those addicted to opioids have caused state governments and private industries to explore alternatives for pain control and withdrawal, and viable options are emerging for both those who need to get off painkillers, and those who suffer from intense pain.

The Daily Caller News Foundation spoke with executives at Myaderm, a pharmaceutical company, about a new product it has developed — MyadermTHC — to help ease the addiction crisis. The product is a transdermal cream that is applied to the skin and contains THC and the cannabinoid compound CBD. It is billed as non-addictive substance that helps alleviate inflammation by entering deep into the tissue.

Myaderm COO and licensed pharmacist Dr. Bill Goble told TheDCNF that medicines like these have few lasting effects, and can go a long way in helping limit addiction.

“Drugs like these have no known side effects. The only side effects known of THC is dizziness and paranoia and those types of things, but you’d have to use a fairly large dose to see these side effects,” he said. “I do believe it has uses to help curb opioid withdrawal. We have several patients who have used it for that reason and have been able to limit or stop their opioid intake.”

Goble also says states that are beginning to legalize marijuana are seeing opioid abuse plummet, and believes weed legalization is paramount in fighting addiction.

“There was a study just released that showed opioid abuse decreased in states that have legalized marijuana. That isn’t a surprise knowing how well it works for pain and inflammation, and knowing how addictive opioids are,” Goble said.

MyadermTHC and many drugs like it are currently only available in Colorado and California, two states that have passed laws allowing the consumption of marijuana for recreational purposes. The company’s other product, MyadermCBD, is available in all 50 states, but may not be as potent.

Goble said to think of the drug less in pharmaceutical terms, and more as an over-the-counter product that is safe to use.

“Prescription drug isn’t where we are going. I don’t believe it’s necessary to go the prescription route. It’s a safe and effective medication that can be thought of as an over-the-counter product,” Goble said. “It’s about finding an alternative to opioids and an effective product that can treat pain and inflammation and deliver that treatment with zero side effects.”

“We’re batting 1,000,” he added. “The bottom line is, it works.”

Myaderm CEO Eric Smart said that MyadermTHC can be just as effective as prescription pain medication while eliminating unwanted side effects.

“Myaderm is the result of a rich history in the pharmaceutical and compounding pharmacy industries,” Smart said. “The patented, pharmacist-developed, transdermal delivery system can provide pain relief with the strength of prescription opioids without the adverse side effects or risk of addiction.”

Smart added that Myaderm is “looking for partners in each state that has legalized the sale of cannabis products” to assist in its mission of tackling addiction.

As opioid deaths continue to rise and addiction treatment centers fill up, state lawmakers may revisit the issue of marijuana legalization to help people regain their quality of life, and end the vicious cycle of pain and addiction.

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