Amy Schumer Attacks Trump Supporters Following Rollback Of DACA

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Amy Schumer agreed with Shaun King who slammed people for voting for President Donald Trump following the rollback of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

“Same. Sickening. We will keep fighting for you #dreamers,” the 36-year-old comedian and wrote Tuesday in the caption next to a screen shot of King’s Facebook post.(RELATED: TRAINWRECK — Tampa Crowd Eats Amy Schumer Alive For Going After Trump [VIDEO])

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“SHAME!!!! Trump just trotted Jeff Sessions out to announce they were going to end DACA,” King wrote. “This was one of the most cruel, inhumane orders I’ve seen in my entire life. Shame on every single American who voted for Trump and ushered in this cruel era of bigotry and white supremacy.”

“I am so angry,” he added. “While Congress can still act to protect DACA recipients, what we have now is nearly 1 million wonderful people whose lives have just been thrown into a tailspin. Shameful, bigoted, cowards.”

It is unclear if that last line was directed at Trump supporters or the administration.

Reading through the comments left by Schumer’s 6.3 million followers, not everyone agreed with her, and one person even pointed out the hypocrisy of her support for abortion versus defending the “dreamers” program.

“Sorry but how is it bigotry to deny illegal immigrants the right to stay when they broke the law to get to the U.S. in the first place,” one wrote.

Another added, “Not defending him but how is ending DACA ‘inhumane’ but abortion isnt?”

“Yes, but they are human beings who are knowingly breaking the law. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not entirely for deportation of those who were too young to understand what was happening when they were brought to the U.S, but the moment they reached a mature age and continued to live illegally, they are themselves responsible. You can’t save every stray, no matter how much you want to, it’s not fair to genuine citizens,” one person commented.