CNN Throws Softballs To Two Dreamers At Once [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN is hammering home their pro-DACA bias on Tuesday, bringing on two dreamers for a joint softball interview.

The news channel made their stance on the issue known on Monday when they first brought on a dreamer for an overwhelmingly sympathetic interview. During that segment, CNN had the dreamer tell their viewers that he was “terrified” of what may happen to him.  (VIDEO: CNN Gives Softball Interview To DACA Recipient)

They doubled down on “New Day” Tuesday morning, bringing on two dreamers for a similar interview, with host Alisyn Camerota asking the pair to “tell us how you’re feeling.”

“I was upset and angry,” said DACA-recipient Angelica Villalobos. “I think it was a fight that we all worked really hard to get and, being in this situation, it’s really difficult.”

“How would your life change?” Camerota followed up. “You are a mom of four children, so, if you cannot stay, what happens?”

“If I were to be deported, definitely it’s going to put a burden on my family,” Villalobos responded. “I think if I wasn’t gonna be able to be here with them…it’s going to be very breaking for them.”

Camerota posed similar questions to the other dreamer on the program, asking him, “You’ve called this terrifying–what do you mean?”

“I think it’s terrifying that we can be so easily betrayed by the government,” Angel Oaxaca-Rivas stated.


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