Huckster Hillary Clinton Markets Her Failures

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David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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The Clinton cash marches on! Hillary Clinton has found a way to make a buck from political failures: you write another book and then you go on a book tour to raise even more money.

Hillary hits the road this month on a 15-city greatest hits tour to promote her third autobiographical installment entitled — ridiculously — What Happened. The memoir has already received am ample share of free advertising because of the passage where she describes her supposed mortification over candidate Donald Trump standing behind her during the St. Louis presidential debate and how she wished she had told this “creep” to “back off.”

Well, you lose an election and you release another book of witty remembrances — as only Hillary can!

And speaking of witty, the advance publicity for Hillary’s book tour is promising that she will be really funny when you see her share those warm and wonderful anecdotes from the political campaign. It’s funny how she never managed to capture so much as an ounce of that hilarity when she was actually on the political campaign trail but apparently she is now bursting with as much mirth as a circus clown.

Some of Hillary’s biggest fans are in Canada, where a sizeable segment of the population still cannot dare to believe that Donald Trump is now the president. Liberal Toronto loves Hillary and the always lefty Toronto Star might as well have actively campaigned for Clinton during the election; it confidently assured its readers that the race wasn’t “even close” just as before Clinton went down to defeat.

Pity that virtually none of the Star’s readers could actually vote for Clinton so ultimately all the adulation didn’t translate into any good political fortune.

But Hillary is coming back to Toronto this month and for $2,400 you can actually meet the great woman. If Elvis really is still alive, I’m not sure he would have the nerve and untempered ego to charge people who kind of money just so they could bask in his presence for a few moments. But unmitigated gall was never an issue for either of the Clintons and I’m sure she believes people are going to be getting their money’s worth.

I can’t think of another failed presidential candidate who sought to profit from their defeat. Can you imagine Adlai Stevenson basking in the glow of losing to Dwight Eisenhower by charging people to meet him? After Richard Nixon lost the presidency to John Kennedy and then the California gubernatorial contest to Pat Brown, he famously declared to an always hostile press that it wouldn’t have “Dick Nixon to kick around anymore.”

Obviously, he blew the opportunity to go on a defeat tour.

But we live in strange times. Not only can Hillary Clinton continue to pretend that she won and did not lose the election, the Democrats can continue to insist that Donald Trump should be impeached because they are certain — beyond logical belief — that the Russians delivered the election to him.

But the Dems may be tiring of Russia; but just as they seemed intent on re-starting the Cold War, they are now transfixed on repeating the Civil War. It’s all about the Confederate monuments now and they want to tear down every last one of them. Never mind that they were purchased from the proceeds of bake sales that the United Daughters of the Confederacy organized. Forget that these mute monoliths attest to not only Southern valor but the reconciliation that was built between the North and South after decades of acrimony following not only a bitter war but the military occupation and humiliation of Reconstruction.

But the Dems always know the value of a diversion. So when you have nothing to offer save “resistance,” start clobbering Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. Ask the unstoppable Debbie Wasserman Shultz. Never a stranger to controversy and outrage, the Florida congresswoman is now obsessed with changing the names of streets in Hollywood, Florida that commemorate Confederate generals.

Maybe she’ll write a book about the experience — and maybe you can pay to see her up close and personal.

Though I really think we’ve already seen enough.

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