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Charlotte, NC Mayoral Candidate: Vote For Me Because I’m White

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In 2017, I tend to be skeptical about most claims of racism and white supremacy and whatnot. It’s just a cheap and easy way to silence people you disagree with. “You’re a racist” is just another way of saying “Shut up.” But sometimes, people really do say racist things. Sometimes, noticing that isn’t just crying white wolf.


A Charlotte mayoral candidate made a statement on social media on why people should vote for her. One of those reasons included race.

“VOTE FOR ME!” Kimberley Paige Barnette posted on Facebook. “REPUBLICAN & SMART, WHITE, TRADITIONAL…”

Barnette is a distant long-shot in a GOP primary featuring city council member Kenny Smith and businessman Gary Dunn.

A distant long-shot? No kidding.

Now, I don’t think you should be ashamed of your race, no matter what it is. I don’t go in for collective guilt. You’re an individual, and you’re not responsible for the words and actions of other people just because they superficially resemble you. But “Vote for me because of my skin color” seems like you’re taking it too far. No matter what color you are.

Hell, I’m white and there are plenty of white people I’ll never vote for. There were two prime examples just this past November. No thank you.

Identity politics is poison. I don’t know if it makes people stupid, attracts stupid people, or both. But it just tears everyone apart. If you don’t like it when the Democrats do it, why are you doing it?