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Cops Defeat Escaped Tiger In Atlanta


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Get ready, Cecil and Harambe. You just got a new roomie in Wild Animal Hell.

Crash Clark and Catherine Park, WXIA in Atlanta:

A tiger on the loose in Henry County is now dead. The first reports came into police around 6 a.m. Wednesday, of a tiger loose on I-75 near the Jodeco Road overpass.

Police said, “Henry County officers responded, locating the tiger and kept visual sight of it while animal professionals were contacted. The tiger began to run toward the Meadow Brook community off of Jodeco Road, to the back of a residence and began to attack a dog.”

That’s when police shot and killed him.

They killed a tiger that was endangering people? That’s grrrrrrrrreat!

Before you get too weepy, animal-rights idiots, take a look at what the tiger was trying to snack on:

I’m glad the tiger is dead and the dog is alive. I’m glad those officers stopped that animal before it hurt any people.

The tiger escaped from a truck belonging to Feld Entertainment, the people who ran Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey before it shut down. They should be charged appropriately for their negligence.

The little dog’s name is Journey, by the way. How fitting that it was the end of that tiger’s journey!