Sen. Graham: Let’s Tie DREAM Act To Border Security [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham said Wednesday morning that he thinks he can get bipartisan support on a bill to legalize DACA recipients if it includes funding for border security.

On CNN, Graham explained that he wants President Donald Trump to propose a real border security plan that includes more than just a border wall so that it can be coupled with a bill for “dreamers.”

“I want [Trump] to define what border security looks like and see if we can do a deal where we secure our border and in return we give the DREAM Act kids what they deserve, which is to stay in the country they call home,” Graham said. “So we’ll pass the DREAM Act for better border security.”

Graham further argued that while the border does need a wall “in certain places,” he doesn’t think a border security plan should include a wall along the entire border.

“My advice to the president would be: you come up with a border security plan that’s reasonable, that will secure our border, then I think I can get Democrats on board for the idea of border security plus the DREAM Act,” he reiterated. “To those Republicans who say, no matter who sympathetic the DREAM Act kids are, if you give them legal status without doing anything else you’re incentivizing more illegal immigration, you’re right.”


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