Some People Don’t Want Anybody Questioning Michael Bennett’s Story

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The wagons have circled on Twitter, and people don’t want anybody questioning Michael Bennett’s claim about police brutality.

It took virtually no time at all before those in the sports and entertainment world came together to silence anybody asking anything about Bennett’s claim he was abused by Las Vegas police officers.

I really hope this isn’t where we’re at in America. People should question absolutely everything they’re told. It doesn’t matter if they’re told by the government or a pro athlete. The moment we get into a situation where nothing can be questioned, we’re in big trouble.

The only people who know the whole story are Michael Bennett and the officers involved with the situation. Everybody else only knows what they’re being told or have read. It’s a good idea to question Bennett’s letter. It doesn’t mean you’re questioning his honesty. It simply means you’re digging into the truth. The exact same applies to the police for whenever they release a response.

Stop trying to shutdown debate, and stop taking everything at face value.

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