Yale Professors Keep Their Mouths Shut About Historic Statue’s Removal

REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Yale’s department of art is surprisingly silent this week. All 15 of the department’s professors are staying silent as the storied university prepares to remove a statue that has found a home on the historic campus for the last 88 years.

None of the art faculty would respond to inquiries from The College Fix about Yale’s proposal.

The statue in question is a stone carving of a Native American and a Puritan standing together. The controversy? The Puritan is armed with a musket and and the Native only has a bow: so it has been deemed to be a presentation of “colonial violence.”

Though it took almost 90 years for that apparent revelation to occur, the consequent outrage resulted in the Puritan’s “violent” musket being concealed while keeping the Native’s bow as is.

But that was seen as only a half-measure and the university decided to go all the way and take the statue down entirely. It will apparently be moved, along with a plaque providing “historical context,” to an enclave where it will not conceivably offend anyone.

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