Chelsea Handler Claims Trump Has Broken More Laws Than ‘Dreamers’

(Photo: Netflix screen grab)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Chelsea Handler claims during the Friday episode of her Netflix talk show that President Donald Trump has broken more laws than DACA recipients.

She released a preview clip from “Chelsea” Thursday.

“I would like to apologize on behalf of the entire Trump administration. We’re sorry for making it clear that white supremacists and Nazis are welcome in this country while young, hardworking immigrants brought here as children are not,” Handler said in response to the Trump’s rollback of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. (RELATED: Chelsea Handler Apologizes For Trump Wherever She Goes)

“The average dreamer got here at the age of six, was raised in the U.S. and knows no other country than this one. Dreamers are our coworkers, our neighbors and our friends,” the comedian added, before claiming that 99 percent of them don’t have a criminal record.

“That means they’ve never obstructed justice, colluded with Russia, defrauded people through a fake university, funneled millions of taxpayer dollars into their businesses, falsely accused people of wiretapping them, carelessly talked to the Korean dictator with nuclear weapons, bragged about sexual assault or pardoned a racist maniac,” she continued. “It doesn’t matter what a president who has had everything handed to him on a piss-gold platter thinks about them because we’re going to stand up and defend their right to be here.”

Not all of those who left comments agreed with her, with some suggesting she needed to do her “homework.”

“Not outraged. If you took and passed 10th grade civics, you’d understand why DACA was flawed. At this point what you’re doing is just virtue signaling,” one wrote.

Another added, “Love your comedy but do some homework on your politics!! Trump rescinded an illegal and unconstitutional order by BHO… Congress has 6 months to do something legally… ICE is not out rounding dreamers up!!”

“Chelsea you are retarded. Instead of continuing to do the celebrity thing and point fingers at trump, why not urge congress to do their job FOR ONCE and create a new DACA to replace the old one? Congress has SIX MONTHS to do it. What is the issue here,” one person continued.