DOJ And FBI Staffers May Be Delaying Info On Trump Dossier Behind Backs Of Superiors

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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WASHINGTON — Subpoenas sent to the Justice Department and FBI from the House Intelligence Committee requesting documents related to documents about the infamous Trump dossier are allegedly being held up by officials at the agencies behind the backs of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Director Christopher Wray.

“The House Intel Committee had repeatedly asked the agencies for documents related to the dossier since May. After the agencies failed to produce the documents following numerous requests, the committee sent out subpoenas on August 24, the Chairman sent a letter on September 1, and finally new subpoenas were issued on September 5,” a congressional staffer told The Daily Caller Thursday.

“It’s hard to tell to whether Sessions and Wray are personally involved in these requests or whether people around them are slow-rolling this without keeping them fully informed,” the staffer added.

The House Intel Committee as well as the Senate Judiciary Committee want to understand how the FBI became involved in the dossier as well as understand how the GPS Fusion dossier author, former British spy Christopher Steele, fits into the bureau’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign.

The House Intel Committee served identical subpoenas and gave both agencies until September 1 to release the information to Congress.

That deadline passed and neither the DOJ nor the FBI complied with the committee. An extension was given until September 14.

On Tuesday, committee investigators issued two more subpoenas directly ato Director Wray and AG Sessions, requesting that testify and explain why the subpoenaed documents have not been turned over.

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