Huckabee Slams Congressional Republicans, Praises Trump’s Debt Deal

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Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee slammed congressional Republicans for not passing meaningful legislation since taking power, and said they were to blame for Trump’s debt deal with Democrats.

“Eight months, Republicans have had both houses. They’ve been able to get nothing done,” he said. “Look no Obamacare repeal, no tax reform, nothing of great consequence. They passed a few insignificant bills but nothing significant.”

Huckabee said the president is using his debt deal with the Democrats as leverage to force Republicans to act, and begin sending bills to his desk.

“So the president yesterday basically said I’m going to send a message to you the Republicans which is, if you wont work with me and give me the most fundamental things that you the Republicans promised the American people, I’ll see what the Democrats are willing to do,” Huckabee said.

Huckabee highlighted voter outrage with Congress and criticized them for changing their past votes since Trump took office.

“There is outrage. They’re furious at them [Congress] for not being able to deliver to a president, he said. “If they can’t do the fundamental things that they promised and Republicans are voting against the very votes they did before, then I think there is an extraordinary exasperation on the part of the Republicans.”

He believes Trump now has leverage going forward because he’s shown he is willing to reach across the aisle and compromise.

“He has leverage that he did not have before yesterday,” Huckabee said. “Sometimes you give something to get something. And the guys who go to Washington thinking it’s all or nothing, I get everything I want I get it all the time, let me tell you [Bill] they get nothing and they get it every day,” he concluded.

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