Will Smith Has A New Song Out And I Can’t Unhear It

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Will Smith has taken some time out of his busy movie-making schedule to release a song. It’s his first one in years and, in my humble opinion, it should probably be his last.

The song is called “Get Lit” and has a really cool, not cliche at all EDM beat to it. The corresponding video, which was just released Wednesday, is also super original. Check it out:

Okay people now this is a red alert. Lit is not cool anymore. I repeat. LIT IS NOT COOL ANYMORE. Everybody take it out of your Instagram captions and Facebook live posts. Shut it down.

Will Smith may have made words cool in the past – like fresh and jiggy – but that was decades ago. This is 2017.

Nature dictates that Will Smith’s son Jaden is supposed to be cooler than him now.

Fairfax Flea Market, Sunday August 27… Something Is Coming

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See how edgy he is? With those funky braids and the cryptic caption that references flea markets? That’s what the kids are calling “cool” these days. Lit is so 2016.

For now, I’m sticking to “Summertime” when I’m trying to jam to some Will Smith. That was when he was king of the block party and made monochrome outfits all the rage.

I do need to replace my house security system though, and I think I just found the new alarm for it. Hear that “Wyoooooo, wyooooo, wyooo – oh – ohhhh?” Nobody will come near my house with that baby blasting.

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