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Berkeley Battens Down For Hurricane Ben

Photo Credit: YouTube/The Daily Wire

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A conservative is getting ready to speak publicly in Berkeley, and you know what that means: It’s time to engage in a frank and honest exchange of opinions between ideological opponents throw a huge riot!

James Barrett, Daily Wire:

[T]he University of California Berkeley announced on Thursday the security measures it is putting in place for Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro’s speech on September 14…

In a campus-wide email on Thursday, Berkeley’s Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Paul Alivisatos detailed the steps the university is taking in order to try to keep things on the campus from devolving into chaos because a conservative speaker is speaking to a few hundred students for a couple of hours in an auditorium…

Those “arrangements” to meet the “unusual challenges” include 1) shutting down multiple buildings and parking lots to create a “closed perimeter” around Zellerbach Hall, where Shapiro is speaking; 2) providing “alternative options” for faculty, staff and students so they can try to engage “in their regular academic activities without fear” of violence erupting; 3) imposing special restrictions on tickets and IDs; and 4) offering “support and counseling services for faculty, staff and students.”

Well, you know how crazy a Ben Shapiro crowd can get. I heard a lot of them have been known to stay up past their bedtime several nights a week, and a few of those psychopaths even drink 2% milk instead of skim. Those lunatics are out of their minds.

And what sort of “counseling” are we talking about?

Amazing. All because a studious fellow in a yarmulke is going to talk about free speech in the “home of free speech.” That’s why Antifa is going to attack more people. They’re fascists who use violence to silence dissent.

This is on you, lefties. If you can’t get these rioters under control, they’re going to keep making all of you look bad. And if you condone it… well, that qualifies you for mayor.