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Morning Mirror: Worlds Are Colliding – Montel Calls Don Jr. A ‘Dumb***’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“This guy doesn’t seem to have a straight story in his brain.”

— MSNBC’s Chris Matthews on Donald Trump Jr. testifying before Congress, on his program Thursday night.

Newsflash: Ex-White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer will give his first interview to ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel next week on Wednesday. ABC announced the news Thursday.

ICYMI: Exclusive: Ex-Breitbart reporter goes to war against Breitbart News 

Read here.

Excitement: MSNBC’s Chris Hayes is headed to Florida this weekend to cover the hurricane. If he does as good of a job as he did in Ferguson, Mo. he should be just fine.

The Peanut Gallery 

“Now imagine if Bannon, Mooch AND Spicey did an interview together. Maybe in like a ‘The View’ therapy session?” — Haley Jones, social media and occasional writer, The Daily Beast, remarking on Breitbart‘s Steve Bannon appearing on CBS’ “60 Minutes” this Sunday.

Montel Williams to GOP lawmaker: ‘Do Your Damn Job’ 

Yo Montel…at least he has a job? We can’t all push payday loans on poor people.

@Rep_Hunter NO ONE CARES if this divides the least functional political caucus in the 1st world – DO YOUR DAMN JOB.” — Montel Williams, former daytime talkshow host turned Twactivist.

Sidenote: Pothead Montel weighs in on Don Jr. 

“Don JR is a dumbass who isn’t smart enough to walk and chew gum – let’s be real.”

Shockingly, Montel got into another fight with a journalist. Take a look.

Jacob Wohl, pro-Trump, executive editor, OffendedAmerica: Montel Williams, tell your publicist to stop telling people to walk into a fire because he disagrees with their views.

Pssst..Montel’s publicist is also his ridiculous “Political Director.” His name is: Jonathan Franks.

Montel: Jacob: Go to hell.

Montel: Again /#GoToHell – you’ve got a lot to learn kid – you’re no one – you got rt’d once by Donald – that doesn’t make you a pundit #loser.

Meanwhile, goofball Montel plays meteorologist on Twitter 

“Fellow Floridians – time to pay attention – #Irma is real, and it will kill you if you don’t do what emergency officials tell you to.” — Montel.

Trump’s $1 million donation to Harvey: an update 

“We were told @realDonaldTrump would detail his $1M gift to Hurricane Harvey relief today. So far, no sign of when. No event on WH schedule.” — David Fahrenthold, WaPo, Wednesday.

Daily Mail editor calls out USA Today 

Susan Page, USA Today Washington Bureau Chief: “USA TODAY ID’ed 4,500 Trump golf-club members through social media & a website golfers use to track handicaps, then researched who they were.” Read here.

David Martosko, professional hall monitor, U.S. political editor, Daily Mail: “I missed the part where there was any wrongdoing found or alleged. This feels like journalists doxxing innocent people.”

The Observer 

“Trump is the alpha male who will drain the swamp and disrupt Washington Trump had to make a deal with Schumer because politics Pick one.” — Stephen Miller, culture, media contributor,

Mirror Fashion Patrol: MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace comes to work in flames 

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BuzzFeed deep dives into The Bachelor and it’s actually great 

The story is by BuzzFeed contributor Suzannah Showler.

FNC’s Tomi Lahren appreciates you even if you don’t like her

“Thank you to my 1M followers- even the ones who follow me to troll, make fun of my nose or forehead or whatever else- still appreciate cha! #TeamTomi” — Tomi Lahren, on Instagram.








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